Melina Neves

Literary Director & Resident Actor

MELINA NEVES is an actor/singer starting out in Chicago after a four-year deal at the University of Iowa where she met and worked with the founding members of The Navigators. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Japanese. Her most recent roles working with The Navigators include Speed of Light (Valki), Medusa Undone (Medusa), and The Aurora Project (Nora). She also appeared in Makeover: A New Musical, Red: A Thing About the Heart, and Lord of The Underworld. She specializes in new plays, working with playwrights, directors, and dramaturgs to help build new worlds.

SCIENCE FICTION INFLUENCES: TV: Xfiles, Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, Dr. Who. Video Games: Mass Effect series. Plays: Everything that Bella Poynton has written.