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Based in New York, we are a a Science Fiction Theater company with a clear feminist perspective. The the three founding members met in graduate school at The University of Iowa. After two successful collaborations, they decided to create a professional collective and share their vision of Science Fiction Theater with a broader audience. 

Audition Notice

The Navigators are holding auditions for their spring show - a collaboration with the Plaxall Gallery in LIC, where they are a theater company in residency. The plays are three one-acts commissioned by The Navigators, performed as a set during the two week run. There is also a Sci-Fi themed installation at the Gallery, making this a multidisciplinary audience experience. 


General auditions: Tuesday, February 27: 7-10, Wednesday, February 28: 9-11, Location: Shetler Studios. Callbacks: Friday February 2: 6-10, Location: Simple Studios.

Please prepare a contemporary 1-2 minute monologue.

*to make an appointment, email navigatorstheater@gmail.com, and include your headshot/resume, and your preferred role.

Rehearsals: evenings and weekends, likely starting March 5.

Show Dates: Friday-Sunday evenings, April 20-22, and 27-29

Location: The Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th AVE, LIC, NY 11101

All ethnicities are encouraged to audition! Non-union, non-paying.


Over & Out by Maggie Lee. Directed by Taylor Edelle Stuart.

Trice and Hebe are a team of daring space mercenaries, roaming the galaxy and fighting against the Coronae, an evil alien hive mind. But when a mysterious young client hires them for an impossible mission, Trice starts to question the truth about her life and the very reality around her.

TRICE: 20s-30s. Female. Strong, steady, and courageous. Some stage combat expected.

HEBE: 20s-30s. Female. Snarky, charming, and intelligent. Fiercely loyal sidekick to Trice. Some stage combat expected.

OLIVIA: 20s. Female. A mysterious client determined to find her mother. But something about her just doesn't seem to belong in this world.

KIMURA: 40s-50s. Male or Female. Trice and Hebe's handler and mentor. Gruff and world weary, but with a good heart.

CORONAE DELTA: 20s-40s. Male or Female. Alien and ageless. Some stage combat expected.

CORONAE SIGMA: 20s-40s. Male or Female. Alien and ageless. Some stage combat expected.

Encapsulated by Sean David DeMers. Directed by Ariel Francoeur.

Tina’s life is not her own. Growing up a twin, marrying young, and raising three children hasn’t left her with quite enough ‘me’ time. As a long-buried event from the past starts to resurface she seeks help from Space-R, a new company willing to put her into low-earth orbit for as long as she needs. Sometimes solitude is a very appealing prospect.

TINA: 40s. Female. A woman in orbit—at times.

MATT: 40s. Male. Tina’s husband. People-pleaser.

SAM: 20. Female. Tina and Matt’s older daughter. Determined.

MILLIE: 18. Female. Tina and Matt’s younger daughter. Strong-willed.

JONAS: 16. Male. Tina and Matt’s son. Curious.

SALLY: 30s. Female. Representative from SpaceR. Forthright.


Some of us are Brave by Darcy Parker Bruce. Directed by Maureen Monterubio.

In the not so distant future, rising tides mean homes are disappearing, and people are feeling what they know in search of somewhere safe. On a hill outside a rural New England town three women must decide whether to stay or escape to a new frontier.

QUINN: Teens. Female. A young woman coming into herself, she is fierce and determined. She finds herself in a situation where she must for the first time, make her own choice.

EDISON: 20s. Female. A former science teacher. She is logical and thoughtful, albeit shy. She is in a committed relationship to Sam.

SAM: 20s. Female. A former janitor. Sam is tough and forceful. She believes herself to be right and is protective of her family. She is in a committed relationship to Edison.

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We choose a sci-fi theme for each episode, read 10-minute sci-fi plays by women, and discuss sci-fi terminology, movies novels, and theater. Oh--and, of course, geek out on tangents. 

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