Poster by Hannah Ross.

Poster by Hannah Ross.

Artistic Team
Playwright: Bella Poynton
Director: Jesse Kane-Hartnett
Costume and Makeup Design: Sarah Pencheff
Violence Choreography: Cristina Ramos
Stage Manager: Jihee Choi
Dramaturg and Associate Producer: Melina Neves
Executive Producer: Ariel Francoeur


The Aurora Project

When: June 2-4, June 7-11, and June 14-17 at 8pm. Tickets are $25.

Where: Access Theater, 380 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013

The Aurora Project follows Constantine, a robot indistinguishable from human beings, and Nora, a genetically enhanced female explorer, as they begin an endless voyage across the uncharted universe. When Nora decides to go against Constantine’s wishes and visit a strange new planet, she’s quickly infected with an incurable illness. To delay losing the only person he loves to a gruesome death, Constantine takes it upon himself to suspend them both in cryo-freeze. Thus, the pair begins a kind of chemical induced time warp, spanning millions of years as they wait for the universe to get smarter, and a cure to Nora’s illness to be found.

Nora..............Nicole Orabona
Constantine............Ian Potter
The Designer..........Joel Austin
Questry..............Michael DeSantis
The Gatekeeper........Amelia Fei

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Image: Nicole Orabona and Ian Potter as Nora and Constantine in  The Aurora Project (Image Source: Dawen Huang for The Navigators)

Image: Nicole Orabona and Ian Potter as Nora and Constantine in The Aurora Project(Image Source: Dawen Huang for The Navigators)

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"Science fiction and theater tend to be an unusual combination, but once in a while, somebody gets it right. The Navigators, a theater company focusing on science fiction and feminism, seems to have gotten the mix figured out, if their current production, The Aurora Project, is any proof." - Drew Kolar, ALLMEDIANY

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"Poynton’s Aurora charts Asimovian distances through the eyes of characters who explore still unanswerable questions in human and artificial relations themselves...Poynton’s Asimovian universe that could very well engender spinoffs that continue building the worlds, questions, and generations started with The Aurora Project. And, boy, do generations pass." - Omar Alejandro, THEATER IS EASY

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Production Photos

*photos by Dawen Huang and Jesse-Kane Hartnett.

Rehearsal Photos 

*photos by Jesse-Kane Hartnett.

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