We're at it again with more feminist Sci-fi! Introducing the THIRD Annual Lift-Off New Play Series, featuring performances of 10 minute plays and readings of full-lengths. Click HERE for tickets!

Friday September 29: 8:00 PM

M and the Water Man -- by Hannah Vaughn, directed by Katie Chelena
A Shot in the Dark -- by Asia Nichols, directed by Jordan Schulze
In a Forest on Mars -- by Sean David DeMers, directed by Liz Livingston
An Awful Waste of Space -- by Natalie Zutter, directed by Katie Chelena
Last Light -- by Maggie Lee, directed by Jesse Kane-Hartnett
Quench -- by Makena Metz, directed by Michael DeSantis

Saturday September 30: 8:00 PM

Three Two One -- by Francesca Pazniokas, directed by Katherine Sommer
Red Letter Day -- by Russell Nichols, directed by Ariel Francoeur
The Chip -- by Michael Higgins, directed by Sharifa Williams
Sing Your Song Quickly -- by David L. Williams, directed by Jesse Kane-Hartnett
Hollows -- by Jack Horton Gilbert, directed by Ariel Francoeur

Sunday October 1: 8:00 pm

For The Living -- by Chie-Hoon Lee, directed by Christopher Noffke
Showrunners -- by Owen Panettieri, directed by Laura Hirschberg
The Trip -- by Maria Swisher, directed by Laura Hirschberg
The North Star Transgalactic Incident -- by Anne Maria Wynter, directed by Aleesha Nash
The Future of Coffee House -- by Tom Steward, directed by Katy Karas
Always Never Now-- by Amy Bernstein, directed by Christopher Noffke
The Time is Out of Joint -- by Monica Cross, directed by Katy Karas