Sean David DeMers

SEAN DAVID DEMERS ( is a playwright with New England and New York City based roots.  His plays include Great Emergencies, Faculty Portrait, Going There, Redacted, Off Tackle Glide, Four Movements, Dreams of Elysia, You Love Myself, and The Suicide of Mark Twain. He has had plays produced by Riverside Theater, Two Lights Theatre Ensemble, Prime Number Productions, Harvest Theater Festival, Des Moines Social Club. He is published by Samuel French in the first two volumes of Theater Masters’ Take Ten series. He was a Semi-Finalist for the O’Neill in 2014, and a Finalist for the Kennedy Center MFA Workshop and Weissberger Nominee in 2016. Sean is a graduate of the University of Iowa MFA Playwright’s Workshop.

SCIENCE FICTION INFLUENCES: Books:The Martian Chronicles, Slaughterhouse Five, From the Earth to the Moon, A Wrinkle In Time. Movies: Back to the Future, 2001, 12 Monkeys. Plays: RUR, Marjorie Prime